Matrix Surfaces Residential
One Year Limited Warranty

          Matrix warrants to you, the owner of the original installation of natural granite countertops,
that   upon the following terms and conditions, Matrix, at its option, will repair or replace, with 
          out charge, your natural stone countertop, provided that Matrix determines that the
          product has failed due to any defect in fabrication or installation for one year from the 
          installation date. This warranty does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical or
          other abuse, normal wear and tear, and acts of nature, scratches or chips.



General Residential Warranty Terms and Conditions


          This warranty applies to natural stone countertops fabricated and installed by Matrix
          Surfaces. This warranty applies to work that has not been modified from the original,
          permanent installation. During fabrication or after installation, you decide that you do not 
          approve of the material you selected or the natural color variations and veining of your
          installation, replacement is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover the 
          natural characteristics of stone, which include but are not limited to, color variations, water 
          lines, fissures or surface pits and blemishes. Granite stone is milled by the supplier, in their
          factory. Most slabs need to be filled,
epoxied, glued and strengthened with mesh and resin. All
          these are standard practices that are part of the beauty of natural stone and in no way constitute
          a defective product. Matrix has the expertise and knowledge to repair and touch up almost any
          concern(s) that may arise. We reserve the right to inspect and repair all of our products in a 
          timely manner. Matrix will be allowed access to inspect any concerns that the property owner 
          has and cooperate with Matrix in its efforts to perform its obligations under this warranty. All
          findings in the fabrication or installation shall be made by Matrix and communicated to you in
          a timely and open manner. When a repair is needed, after inspection, Matrix will seek to obtain
          the best possible resolution.


At      At the time of installation, a production seal is applied to all Matrix Surfaces stone
          countertops. It is recommended that the consumer apply a long lasting sealer within 1 week
          of the original installation and once every 6 months thereafter. Natural stone is porous and
          may therefore result in staining. This warranty does not cover food or liquid stains, damage
          caused by chemicals or physical use or abuse of the stone.


T      To obtain service under this limited warranty, contact Matrix Surfaces Inc. at:

        5449 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

        Phone:           714.696.5449             


W     Website:        www.matrixsurfaces.com