Granite Care

                                  Is Granite Hard to Maintain?
            Granite like a car requires some work to keep its brand new look, but with the correct cleaner, polisher, and sealer it's simply a wipe on wipe off process.

Granite Do's
  • Do use Coasters under glasses, especially if they contain alcohol, citrus juice, or soda
  • Do use mats under hot or cold dishware
  • Do dust and clean surfaces frequently
  • Do blot up spills immediately to minimize permanent damage
  • Do clean surfaces with recommended cleaners

Granite Dont's

  • Do not use vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general cleaners
  • Do not use cleaners that contain acid, such as bathroom, grout and tile cleaners
  • Do not use alkaline cleaners that are not specifically formulated for natural stone

When spills occur:
Regardless of how careful one is, spills are going to happen. Quick response time and the right solution will assist in limiting the possible damage to the stone and/or sealer.

Food Spills- Carefully scoop up spill, do not wipe across the surface. Blot away excess with dry cloth.

Liquid Spills- Blot away excess wit clean dry cloth, turning regularly. Do not wipe across the surface.

For both spills spray area with granite cleaner and wipe area till it is dry. If spill occurs on a counter top, complete the job with a polisher. This will restore the stone's color. 

Oily Stains- stains that are oily in nature (salad oils, lotions) may be removed using a poultice. We recommend calling a professional for assistance and instruction before using a poultice.  

Etch Marks

Substances that are acidic, such as coffee, wine, orange juice, mustard and soft drinks WILL etch all stone wither sealed or unsealed if unattended to. Sealing your stone properly will afford you time to wipe up a spill, but will not stop the chemical reaction between the acid and the calcium carbonate in the stone. Cleaners that are not designed specifically for natural stone should NEVER be used. Improper cleaners (such as 409) will etch away the polish, discolor the surface, scratch the stone, and degrade the sealer.