Frequently Asked Questions


Matrix surfaces offers a wide range of products from tile, granite, marble, ceasarstone, viatera,  and corian


Matrix Surfaces is proud to offer dynamic fabrication methods that allow us to offer competitive pricing. We treat every order with the utmost attention and strive to meet even the tightest schedules.


The typical turnaround time from measure to install is about 7 business days.


Matrix Surfaces Inc. applies a thin coat of sealer to all stone countertops while in production. It is recommended that  the consumer apply a long lasting seal within 1 week of the original installation and once every 6 months thereafter. When the homeowner applies the sealer, we recommend they use a good cleaner first to ensure no milky appearance will result from dirt or debris on the stone. 

The sealer that Matrix uses is made by Stone Pro and called Ultimate Pro Sealer. It is a silicone based sealer unlike most water based found in stores such as Lowes or Home depot. We find it penetrates the stone better in order to prevent spills from staining. There are multiple retailers of this product in the Orange County area that you can find by calling Stone Pro or looking online at

Sealing is like waxing a car. It does not create a layer over the granite such as laying a sheet of glass over it. It's job is to create shine and slow down liquids from penetrating the surface. Just like a car, sealing cannot protect the stone from etching if a pan hits it or if the stone is cleaned with improper cleaner.

Etch Marks

Substances that are acidic, such as coffee, wine, orange juice, mustard and soft drinks WILL etch all stone wither sealed or unsealed if unattended to. Sealing your stone properly will afford you time to wipe up a spill, but will not stop the chemical reaction between the acid and the calcium carbonate in the stone. Cleaners that are not designed specifically for natural stone should NEVER be used. Improper cleaners (such as 409) will etch away the polish, discolor the surface, scratch the stone, and degrade the sealer.